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Dreadball – Dunwich Horrors update

Until the booster pack for my Dreadball team is released I thought I would sate my need for shiny by painting the Nameless Spawn who came with my Ultimate Dreadball box.

Nameless Spawn

Nameless Spawn

I don’t know what he can bring to my team as he is just a bigger version of my Guard but he will be included at some point.

New Year, New Game, New #warmongerpledge

It’s that time of year again where I make promises about hobby related stuff that I don’t keep. This year it is in regard to painting.

During 12 days of December I managed to get quite a lot painted and there is one reason for this – I realised I will never win any competitions so not to worry and get it painted. If a mini looks good from arms length on a tabletop its good enough for me. So my mantra for the New Year is ‘a painted mini looks better than bare metal or primer’.

Therefore my #warmongerpledge for 2014 is to try and clear my pile of unpainted metal and plastic (or at least put a solid dent in it*).

New Game – A few of us from 4tk Gaming picked up Dreadball at the recent Winter Open Day and I must admit I like the way it plays. In the week between picking my team and playing our first game I managed to paint my squad utilizing my above mantra.

So, without further ado, may I present to you The Dunwich Horrors.



'Sticky' Guards

‘Sticky’ Guards

'Hard' Guards

‘Hard’ Guards





>Open Day @4tkgaming 9th July

>I am running an Infinity demo at my LGS on the 9th and have been hurriedly applying paint to my ALEPH miniatures for a 300pt list.

The good news is they are done apart from basing – the bad news is that I am now trying to get the rest of my ALEPH done so I can use more than one list.

I would put photos up but my camera is shocking – time for an investment I think.

>Thanks Ron Kruzie @privateerpress

>Ok, 3 posts in June wasn’t a good month buy practicals and exams were at the forefront of my mind.

July is here now so let’s dust off the brushes, rehydrate my paints and get cracking.

I really want to maintain the momentum that I had going in the run up to ‘Try Something New’ and read a post from Ron Kruzie (PP studio painter) that said put in one hour a day for 2/3 days  and three/four hours at weekends and you will be surpised how much gets done so that’s my aim. Actually, I want to aim for an hour every day and then whatever I can at weekends.

Once the Infinity project is out of the way I am looking at either an Epic Caine or Epic Severius 15pt WM list. Just need to decide.

Thanks Ron.

>Infinity Bakunin Demo Force


Well, here are the three minis that will make up the Nomad demo list for the first of the Infinity demo nights next week.

>Britanan Demo Force


>At last – a photo

Finally, a picture of something. Here’s my figures for the Malifaux ‘Try Something New’ event.

>Uncharted Seas Human Fleet finished


My Uncharted Seas fleet is finished. This is for my LGS’s Try Something New period that is coming up.

>Setting Sail


One down, 9 to go. It is the big one out of the way at least.

>Infinity ALEPH Deva

>Forgive the photo it was taken on my phone.

Photography is not my strong suit, neither is painting 😉

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