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#miniaturemonday 06/01/14

May I present to you Mr Edward ‘Eddie’ Nygma for theĀ Knight Models Batman Miniatures Game.

The Riddler

The Riddler

I haven’t tried him in the game yet and look forward to giving him his first outing.

#miniaturemonday Don’t Thread On Me

Back in the early days of wargaming history myself and Gavin from Tor Gaming used to play 15mm American War of Independence (or the Revolutionary War depending on your point of view).

One thing I remember is Gav picking the French because their uniforms were white and would be easy to paint once primed that colour. I played the American/Native forces whilst a neighbour at the time played the British Redcoats.

This, and this only, is the reason that my Britanan in Tor Gaming’s Relics system are in blue and buff and the title of the article is based on a flag found at that time.

My posts seem to come along as regularly as Santa. Hope you get all the shiny things you need.

2013-12-22 12.09.31

2013-12-22 12.09.38

2013-12-22 12.09.46

#miniaturemonday 05/08/13

I promised yesterday that I had something for Miniature Monday so here goes.

Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children MkIV Space Marine

Nothing special I know but it’s the first time I have picked up a brush in many months. Maybe I have opened the floodgates and I can crack on with all the other projects I have laying around.

Merry #miniaturemonday Xmas

I thought, as a gesture of goodwill to all, that I would actually paint something for #miniaturemonday so may I present to you St. Nikolaus of the Britanan Empire from Tor Gaming.





This was a really fun mini to paint, as have all the models from the Relics range.

Pictorial evidence.

Although I have nothing to post for #miniaturemonday that is completed I thought I would at least prove that I am actually working on some stuff.


#miniaturemonday 26/9/11

Another Miniature Monday goes by without me painting anything. I sat down to paint last night and my wet palette was buggered. It was only then I discovered a lack of kitchen roll to make another one and there we are – a new excuse out of the way.

If anyone is writing this down to make a book of hobbyists excuses then I would love to read them at some point.

Fortunately I did have tools and glue so decided to build my Grundback Gunners in anticipation for our Journeyman League. Although we aren’t planning on kicking off until the new year I think if I buy and build everything in advance then that’s half the battle.

It is an incredibly simple light warjack.

1. Body 2. Gun 3. Legs 4. Feet

The one issue I have is that this was meant to be a messenger jack that took on this role and I would have loved the mini to show a bit more motion. The feet are kind of limited in posability.

They are kind of cute though. Haven’t decided on a colour scheme yet.

In game the jack only has 18 damage boxes but a decent DEF & ARM should help it survive some attacks.

Sadly I won’t find out until the New Year but them’s the breaks I suppose.

#miniaturemonday 29/8/11

I have been quiet I know. Exams, holidays and the like have thrown me off track and as such I haven’t done any painting but I thought I would share this instead.

My recent foray into Hordes has led to me playing a Circle force with, at present, Mohsar the Desertwalker as my Warlock. His fluff has him coming from the Bloodstone Marches and as such I wanted to base my army in that parched desert/salt flat look that you see.

I found this product in my LGS. Made by Ziterdes it seemed like it would be perfect for what I had in mind.

The contents consist of a squeezy bottle of priming liquid, a tub of paste and a speading tool (or lollipop stick if you will).

The instruction are on the backing card but are fairly simple. Apply primer, wait 30-50 minutes, apply paste and wait for it to dry.

Here are the results.


Paste Applied

One hour later

Fully dried

The thicker the paste is applied the wider the cracks that form apparently. I intend to paint it a reddish colour to represent the Bloodstone Marches but that is for another day.

#miniaturemonday 25/7/11

Miniature Monday is here again and I haven’t finished painting anything, my bike accident put paid to my ability to hold a brush properly for a few days.

I have though built my Circle Orboros 15pt list including the rather annoying Woldwarden. The arms on this mini are in such an annoying pose as seen on the studio model below.

All I did was move the left arm up more to give him a grabbing motion and cut the right arm with a bone saw followed by pinning back into place to look more like him creating a low fist.

The broken log under his foot was to give him a more upright position. I am quite happy with the way he has turned out and look forward to being able to apply some colour to my force.

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