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100 posts – But what topic?

When I realised this was going to be my 100th post (well, that is what the stat’s say) I tried to think about a thing to talk about. This may not seem like much of a milestone to some but given my infrequency this is like 1,000 in normal blogger posts.

I cried out on Twitter and to my rescue came Rob (@peppermint_cat) who suggested I talk about him. I decided to wait for the next life raft.

This was Gareth (@EdenBlade) who suggested I talk about Nano, Rob’s dog. Now, I am not suggesting we like Nano more than Rob but it is fair to say that the dog gets way more attention than the Nano delivery device that Rob seems to have become (this may be due to the fact that he never seems to play any more). Here are some pictures of Nano.



I decided not to make the whole post about Nano but thought I would share the cuteness. The conversation did help me decide on the topic for the blog though – my LGS.

It seems like a long time ago that a colleague at work told me that a game store was opening near to my lab but I still remember the feeling of excitement that I had a nerd home being built for me. My town has a GW but I tend to play a lot of different games and at the time played Confrontation, Warmachine/Hordes, Infinity and Flames of War. Technically, I should say collected as I only had a regular opponent for one of those games, FoW.

I cycled round to the location of the store during my lunch break and stared through the window at the, not yet constructed, interior like Charlie Bucket at a sweet shop and was met, to my horror, by stacks of boxes of 40k and WHFB figures.

I felt cheated, why open another store that sells GW, so I did the decent thing…I sent the owner a terse email. I don’t remember the exact content but I do remember voicing my disgust that an indie store would just be GW Lite not caring that that is probably where a lot of the money lies.

To my surprise I got a reply stating that they planned to sell other products, once established, and what sort of things did I play. My relationship with the store and staff started at that moment with Andy, the owner.

The story now jumps to a few months later and I find out that there is going to be a Summer Open Day, Andy asks if I am prepared to give a demonstration game of Flames of War to help promote the game that they have decided to stock. I jump at the chance to help give something back to both the store and the hobby in general and get building and painting. Bocage, barbed wire and hills are strewn around my painting area along with the brave souls of the 6th Airlanding Brigade who are set to face the might of the 12th SS. Here are some photos from that day.

One picture I loved so much. It seemed to capture the hopelessness of the British defense as the Tiger tanks came bursting through the trees but, if you look carefully, a brave soul with a PIAT hides in the trees to the right of the shot and he managed to take out one of the tanks single handedly. The photo ended up with a background of Normandy roughly photoshopped in, a sepia tint and some aging and it still, to this day, makes me smile when I look at it.

As far as I can recall the next open day I also did Flames of War, a 3000pt epic on a table created by a different Rob (@rob_norman) and Simon (@SJDKEY) and I wish I could find some photos of that as it did look amazing.

My relationship with the store and the staff has continued to grow and I now mostly demo Infinity on the open days providing a small taster of how the game plays in the hope of teaching people about the larger hobby outside one manufacturer. The store is now in a bigger unit with loads more tables and it feels good to be a part of the story of its success.


New Year, New Game, New #warmongerpledge

It’s that time of year again where I make promises about hobby related stuff that I don’t keep. This year it is in regard to painting.

During 12 days of December I managed to get quite a lot painted and there is one reason for this – I realised I will never win any competitions so not to worry and get it painted. If a mini looks good from arms length on a tabletop its good enough for me. So my mantra for the New Year is ‘a painted mini looks better than bare metal or primer’.

Therefore my #warmongerpledge for 2014 is to try and clear my pile of unpainted metal and plastic (or at least put a solid dent in it*).

New Game – A few of us from 4tk Gaming picked up Dreadball at the recent Winter Open Day and I must admit I like the way it plays. In the week between picking my team and playing our first game I managed to paint my squad utilizing my above mantra.

So, without further ado, may I present to you The Dunwich Horrors.



'Sticky' Guards

‘Sticky’ Guards

'Hard' Guards

‘Hard’ Guards





Tuesday Night Gaming Round Up

Despite the plan to play four different systems in one night we only managed two because Dave forgot his iPad with rules and army lists on it.

I did try the Batman Miniatures Game for the first time and, despite a rather clunky set of translated rules, enjoyed the game although a head to head fight with no objectives doesn’t seem to be a good way to play the game.

My teaser post yesterday was my Joker model who is almost finished.



He did manage to KO a Gotham cop and then run up and stab him to death whilst unconscious without Batman pounding him because the Dark Knight was tied up in a tussle with Harley Quinn.

Second game was some 40k Kill Team and my Pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children held their own against a Tau firing line and a few Piranha. I did decide I need at least one weapon for taking out vehicles though.

All in all a fun night. Away next week so no gaming for me. May try and decipher the Batman rules some more.

The agony of choice.

Last night saw the return of Relics to the LGS and, having played a thoroughly enjoyable game, got me thinking.

Salute is this weekend and I plan to pick up Dystopian Wars as well as some terrain for Infinity. How can I ensure that I spend time on all the games I want to play.

One option that has come to mind is to spend 4 week slots playing a certain game; focusing all painting time to that game. This could encourage me to paint whilst stopping that staleness that can sometimes arise when you are spending weeks on the same thing.

What does everyone else do to keep their focus fresh?

#peerpressure – or how do you choose what to play?

In my FLGS 4Tk Gaming on Tuesday nights we regularly run some form of organised play; be it a league or a tournament. We have recently finished a 9 week long league for Infinity the Game and, after a short break will be starting at the end of the month an 8 week Journeyman League for Warmachine/Hordes.

This is fine although sometimes you get so sick of playing the same game week after week that you can’t wait for it to end. When it does though the immortal question arises.


This is a question that I asked today and was met with the response I would give if someone asked me, ‘Not bothered’.

How do you choose between Infinity, Warhammer Fantasy, Relics, Warmachine, Malifaux, Uncharted Seas, Flames of War. They are the first choices that spring to mind without putting too much thought in and that;s without Dystopian Wars that I intend to pick up at Salute.

The first thought is to play something diametrically opposed to what the last organised event was. Finished a sci-fi skirmish game, give me a fantasy game with blocks of troops filling the table.

Maybe someone could create a random item generator app where I type in the names of the systems I play and it picks one at random; either that or I put the names into one of my many hats.

How about you, how do you decide what to play? Answers below.

Club Night @4Tkgaming 10/01/12

Last night saw my second game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle in around a decade and featured a crushing blow to my fledgling Lizardmen force. I played a 1000pt game consisting of:

  • Saurus Scar Veteran, Aura of Quetzl
  • Skink Priest L2
  • 15 Saurus Warriors
  • 8 Cold One Cavalry
  • 12 Skink Skirmishers
  • Razordon

The long and the short is, I lost fairly badly including my cavalry not getting to do anything after a nasty charge from some Ogre cavalry. It started to turn my way a little with David, my opponent, getting some crappy rolls but in the end it was a steep learning curve.

The outcome is that the list had nothing that could really deal with multi-wound Ogres once the cavalry had gone. Plans for a Kroxigor or some Temple Guard are in the pipeline.

Out the back room there was a group playing the Wings of War boardgame.

Wings of War

What I didn’t need to happen when I am struggling to find the funds for the Journeyman league is to be introduced to a really fun game that uses models I wouldn’t even need to paint. If you ever get a chance to give it a go then do, the basic rules are incredibly easy to pick up and it was an immense amount of fun.

#Warmachine #Hordes Journeyman League – Thoughts and Doubts

There are only 3 weeks now until my LGS 4Tk Gaming starts its slightly modified, running for 8 weeks rather than 6, Journeyman league. I mentioned the league back in September but we are only just getting round to running it after our Infinity league.

For this league I have opted for the Searforge Commission  contract from the Mercenaries book. This means to start with I have to use Gorten Grundback, Driller and 3 Gunners – the contents of the old starter set.

I had already purchased 2 of the Gunners back in September and have now built Gorten and the Driller so just one more Gunner to go – hopefully picking him up tonight from a Searforge player with one spare.

Gorten and Driller

The trouble I am having is with the outlay that this league entail in such a short space of time. The contents of the Gorten starter are only 8pts so after week one I need to add 7pts to make it to the 15pts required. This will be Thor Steinhammer and a small unit of Horgenhold Forgeguard – in total about £32. Week 3 sees the jump to 25pts and I plan to include Brun and Lug, a 9pt unit, but that is another £25 and I am unsure how I feel about spending that much money in such a short space of time, finances being what they currently are. There is a week respite till the jump to 35pts where I will be adding an Ogrun Bokur, a model I already have waiting to be painted, and a Wroughthammer Rockram to go with Thor who is thankfully only £16.

I have no qualms paying to play my hobby, just a little uncertainty about the outlay in the timescale (oh, and the fact I need to paint).

Details of the basing and painting scheme in the next post along with some feedback on how the list plays hopefully.

Club Night 27/9/11

Tuesday has been and gone and that means another night of fun at 4TK Gaming, my LGS, has passed me by.

Last night saw me having an Infinity game against a Yu-Jing opponent which was quite a close thing but he allowed himself to be pinned by a pair of Crazy Koalas which gave me a chance to move up. One thing I discovered is that I hate the Forward Observer Guided Missile Combo. So much in fact that I am thinking of adding it to my Nomad list in readiness for the upcoming league.

Once my game was over I helped introduce a new player to the game and after a few turns of killing opponents due to good ARO rolls I think he decided he liked it.

Two tables along had Rob N & Simon trying out the Discworld board game which looked rather interesting. There is occasional board game action, I have tried a few new things myself, sometimes its easier than putting together army lists and sorting minis out from case to case.

Over the way was a game of Warhammer Fantasy pitting one of my regular opponents, Dave, and his Ogre army against Phil’s High Elves. Things didn’t end too well for the Ogres although Dave was a tad rusty with the system.

Finally about the back there were 3 40k games going on. This threw me as its not normally something that appears on a Tuesday but it turns out everyone is getting practice in for the GT. I had to show my ignorance by asking what that was.

There we have it. Just a few final thoughts: No Warmahordes which is unusual. Talk between myself and Rob M of getting a few games of Relics in next week. A quick flick through the Malifaux Twisting Fates book, love the Ramos Avatar. An Infinity league in the pipeline for about 3 weeks time. I just need to find time to paint some models before it starts.

Club Night @4tkgaming 20/9/11

Another Tuesday passes me by with a night spent at my LGS. Last night had me playing a 200pt Infinity game – Nomads (Me) vs Yu Jing (Rich). Rich is new to the game and it was hard seeing every dice roll go against him, rolling high when he needed low and vice-versa .

It did mean I broke my losing streak though so I don’t feel too bad.

There was a large game of Incursion going on which was cool, I love that game, although I had forgotten to take my MI-13 down – Lesson 1: I should stick things in my case when I agree to take them.

There was discussion about us running the Privateer Press Journeyman league in the New Year which a few changes to the official rules – will keep you updated on that one. I did purchase some Grundback Gunners ready though as I am adding Searforge to my Mercs.

Lastly, on the journey home the conversation turned to painting and I realised I haven’t painted anything for ages. This is quite frustrating as I was on a bit of a roll with the ‘Try Something New’ event. Going to pick a mini tonight and just paint it – hopefully this will spur me on to getting back in a routine.


Woe-locks – #Hordes Issues

Last night was an eye opener in just how much I don’t know about Hordes. I am trying to build a small Circle Orboros force up starting at 15pts.

Last week I used Mohsar the Desertwalker and some constructs which wasn’t too bad but lacked the ability to heal the things and he is so high Fury that at 15pts it was hard to keep him charged up.

This week I tried Baldur and got my arse handed to me twice. My Woldwarden got killed both games by a Legion Heavy – Scythean and Carnivean – before he had a chance to do anything.

Is it just that Circle/Legion is a bad tie up; am I just a shocking player; does Dave, my opponent; know his army really well (even if he was using a new caster); will it play better at games of more than 15pts.

One of the things I love about gaming is thinking about how to overcome these issues – a problem solving exercise. I can’t afford to throw money at it so really have to learn my army and make careful choices.

I am sure there will be more moaning and whining before I am up to speed on the game though.

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