Moving house.

Well folks, I have decided to move the blog. The new address will be but rest assured that once it’s up and running the quality of crap that you have come to expect will carry on over there.

If you choose not to follow me over can I just say thanks for reading this toot. I have said its really just a soundboard and motivational tool and that will continue but I hope that a little of what I have said has been useful to at least one person.

See you on the other side.

Tools of the trade.

Engineers and doctors in Infinity don’t have to rush out into the middle of a gun battle to try and repair/heal someone. They cunningly use technology to get shot in there place.

Carlota Kowalsky last week had her Zondcat, Moriarty, but for other miniatures in the Nomad force there are the Zondbots.

These little fellows have a skill called Mimetism, a kind of camouflage that increases the difficulty to hit them. I think it is because they are so cute.

14 13 12 

And the winner is…

Well, Sunday evening is here and, as promised, I am closing the poll. Here’s a handy diagram showing the breakdown of votes.

Screenshot 2014-02-09 18.20.10

As clearly shown the winner, and therefore system to be next on the painting table, is Relics from Tor Gaming. If you have yet to discover the world of stitchpunk can I suggest you visit Tor Gaming and check it out.

I look forward to the start of this project once the Infinity list is cleared – 14 miniatures to go.

I already painted some Britanan models from Tor Gaming for the ‘Try Something New’ event that my LGS ran a few years ago so will probably begin by re-blogging those.

Thanks to all those who voted.


Thoughts so far.

Only 14 Infinity models left before I move on to my next project. I have really enjoyed this process so far and putting it all on here has definitely helped as a motivational tool. In other news I have decided to just use NYPC as the tag for the painting challenge, nothing more inspirational jumped to mind.

I don’t think the process has caused my painting itself to improve any, I wasn’t really expecting it too, but my ability to be happy with the way something looks on the tabletop has.

Lessons learned so far are;

  • I don’t like painting eyes so now don’t bother.
  • Things definitely look better painted than not.
  • I can just do a little when I have a spare 15 minutes.
  • I actually enjoy it now I’m not stressing about the end result.
  • It’s nice to feel a sense of achievement once a mini has been varnished and photographed.

Thanks for reading these ramblings. More miniatures Monday (if all goes to plan).

It’s got to end sometime.

I realised a slight flaw in my plan to allow voting on my next project to run until I had finished Infinity and that is that I would like to have the next lot built and primed ready to go.

So, back pedalling quicker than me on a Grifter, the poll will end Sunday evening. That gives over 48 hours to vote, if you haven’t already, to make people vote and ensure the one you want to win wins, to bribe me so I rig the vote, to send me free stuff (surely as someone who writes a blog I deserve free stuff…).

That last one was a joke.

Trying something new.

In my last couple of posts (see here and here) I have added a little bit of gaming background to the write up as well as something about the model itself.

I’m not sure if this type of thing is helpful in getting people interested in the mechanics of the game but I remember the looks on peoples faces when I have given a demo game and told them they can throw grenades, drop mines or any of the other interesting things that make Infinity different to some other sci-fi games.

So for now it will continue and if it makes someone want to try the game out then I will feel like I have done my part for the community at large.

You wait ages for an engineer…

…and then two show up at once.

Hot on the heels of Carlota Kowalsky from Wednesday’s post comes the Clockmaker, the standard Nomad engineer.

How cool does he look with his super flared trousers and flat top hair. The OSL glow around his eyes came from the fact that I hate painting eyes (if you hadn’t noticed that yet) yet his were so wide open I felt I had to try and do something.

With a WIP of 15 gives him a good chance to repair damaged structures, reset E/M damaged weapons, unstick models hit by adhesive rounds or deactivate mines. All helpful skills in any game of Infinity.

15 14

Wyrd how things happen.

The blog got a load more hits today than usual – odd in itself as there wasn’t an update (maybe it’s better when I have nothing to say).

It turns out that someone found a link I put on the Wyrd Malifaux forum years ago about basing my Coryphee and replied to the topic. This Lazarus post has then had people look and follow the link back here.

Crazy I tells you. It has closed up the voting on the poll though with only 2 votes between the first two titles.

Voting continues

45 votes so far and there is still one system that hasn’t had a single vote. This surprises me a little as I thought everything would have someone who wanted to see stuff get painted.

Either that or the people who play that game really don’t need to see my half arsed efforts.

Keep voting folks – just over a dozen Infinity models to go before the poll is closed.

Death From Above 2189

A double whammy today in the form of Nomad Tomcat engineer Carlota Kowalsky and her Zondbot – in this case Zondcat – Moriarty.

Tomcats have the ability to arrive on the board via Airborne Deployment at any time in your turn by spending an action and then rolling to see if they land on target. This allows you to hold them until needed but does put you at risk as in your opponents turn they can attempt to hack your dropship and, if they succeed, cause you to make an emergency jump adding 9 to the difficulty to land. This can lead to you ending up somewhere you really do not want to be.

17 16 15

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