Monthly Archives: November 2011


Where the hell did October go – not a single post I am so sorry.

Things have been hectic and I have fallen back into the realms of ‘not even picked up a paintbrush’ for many a week now. My LGS has begun its slow grow Infinity league which started at 150 points for the first two weeks and now sees the first points hike as we move to 200pts for the next two weeks.

The league also contains bonus points for painting so I need to pull my finger out. To that extent I have worked out a 300pt list and laminated it so I can cross off items as I paint them. This system worked for me as we prepared for the ‘Try Something New’ promotion we ran and led to me painting more in a short period than I normally do over many months.

Also this week I received my Infinity bag from Battlefoam, a review of which will hopefully be written at the weekend.

Sorry its all text and no pictures but hopefully we can rectify that the next time around.

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