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Basing the Coryphée

With a 30 soulstone game of Malifaux on the horizon I decided to dig out the Showgirls starter set as a change from Ramos but realised that I haven’t built my Coryphée yet.

These stunning miniatures come as a pair in a blister and their rules allow them to merge into a duet causing both models to be on a 50mm base rather than each on a 40mm one.

Two options presented themselves to me:

  1. Buy a second blister
  2. Work out a clever basing method to save funds.

I don’t have cash to throw around so option 2 seemed the obvious choice.

To that end my first job was to raid the local coffee house – pick your brand of choice – and grab a handful of their delightful wooden stirrers. Once home I laid out enough of them to allow a lipped 40mm base to fit on the top.

40mm base

 Now, it is worth noting that a 40mm base fits into a 50mm base and a 30mm fits into the 40mm one, for a 30mm base I use a pound coin as a template but substitute with whatever fits.

I am now left with this

Now just cut them out and file/sand to fit

Lastly, I drilled a small hole into each 40mm base and two in the 50mm on before attaching a 0.50mm pin to the underside of each Coryphée so that I could switch between the bases in order for the Dance Together action to be performed.

Now I just need to try and get around to painting something.

Pounds and Projects

It is around this time of year that I realise there is only 3 months until Salute and I panic about raising funds for my excursion.

Every year there is always something I plan to spend most of my budget on; last year it was VSF and Infinity, the year before was Secrets of the Third Reich, this year it is Dystopian Wars (and maybe 7TV).

The problem is I have such a limited budget I need to have a clear out to get some extra cash and the decision then arises; what am I going to sell?

The VSF from last year is still in boxes but I do really want to paint it. My Infinity ALEPH force has been usurped by my Nomads but it is the only army I have painted everything for, my loft contains the makings of a Pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children force (I don’t even play 40k but it appears to be a good challenge) and I have a German Panzer Army for Flames of War that may never see light again.

A big issue is that people don’t have too much money to throw around after xmas so I never know if what I sell will get what its worth, the second issue is that I am rubbish at getting rid of anything.

I have little doubt something will happen and that I will scrape enough to make a limited number of purchases; I just hope that what I buy this year will at least get used.

#peerpressure – or how do you choose what to play?

In my FLGS 4Tk Gaming on Tuesday nights we regularly run some form of organised play; be it a league or a tournament. We have recently finished a 9 week long league for Infinity the Game and, after a short break will be starting at the end of the month an 8 week Journeyman League for Warmachine/Hordes.

This is fine although sometimes you get so sick of playing the same game week after week that you can’t wait for it to end. When it does though the immortal question arises.


This is a question that I asked today and was met with the response I would give if someone asked me, ‘Not bothered’.

How do you choose between Infinity, Warhammer Fantasy, Relics, Warmachine, Malifaux, Uncharted Seas, Flames of War. They are the first choices that spring to mind without putting too much thought in and that;s without Dystopian Wars that I intend to pick up at Salute.

The first thought is to play something diametrically opposed to what the last organised event was. Finished a sci-fi skirmish game, give me a fantasy game with blocks of troops filling the table.

Maybe someone could create a random item generator app where I type in the names of the systems I play and it picks one at random; either that or I put the names into one of my many hats.

How about you, how do you decide what to play? Answers below.

Club Night @4Tkgaming 10/01/12

Last night saw my second game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle in around a decade and featured a crushing blow to my fledgling Lizardmen force. I played a 1000pt game consisting of:

  • Saurus Scar Veteran, Aura of Quetzl
  • Skink Priest L2
  • 15 Saurus Warriors
  • 8 Cold One Cavalry
  • 12 Skink Skirmishers
  • Razordon

The long and the short is, I lost fairly badly including my cavalry not getting to do anything after a nasty charge from some Ogre cavalry. It started to turn my way a little with David, my opponent, getting some crappy rolls but in the end it was a steep learning curve.

The outcome is that the list had nothing that could really deal with multi-wound Ogres once the cavalry had gone. Plans for a Kroxigor or some Temple Guard are in the pipeline.

Out the back room there was a group playing the Wings of War boardgame.

Wings of War

What I didn’t need to happen when I am struggling to find the funds for the Journeyman league is to be introduced to a really fun game that uses models I wouldn’t even need to paint. If you ever get a chance to give it a go then do, the basic rules are incredibly easy to pick up and it was an immense amount of fun.

Warmachine Journeyman League – On your marks.

It has finally happened, my final Gunner came into my possession last night and after a bit of gluing and filing this morning I now have my completed Gorten Grundback battlebox.

Gorten Grundback Battlebox

Gorten Grundback Battlebox

The next stage is to start slapping some paint on and decide on a basing scheme. The plan is to airbrush the main colour and a light highlight and then just add metal parts and detail afterwards.

More to come soon.

#GW #Finecast – First thoughts

I know this debate has been and gone but as someone who hasn’t built a Games Workshop miniature in a very long time I thought I would pop my hat into the ring.

A little background first. I came into gaming from a RPG route but did, earlier in my hobby life, play WFB along with Mordheim and Bloodbowl but stopped a long time ago and, apart from a short lived (one or two games) look at 40k there has been nothing for a long time.

I used to collect High Elves and I love the sight of two painted fantasy armies facing off across each other but recently I have picked up the Lizardmen Battalion set – seeing people playing at the club weakened my resolve. As you may or may not know the starter sets don’t come with any sort of Hero/Lord model so I picked myself up a Saurus Oldblood from the Finecast range. ‘Oh no’, I thought to myself – this is that range of detritus that forums everywhere are screaming about. Sadly there were no metal versions so I had little choice.

The mini has now sat in my ‘to-do’ pile for months until yesterday when I dug it out to play a small game of WFB, a break from the norm at my LGS. I have to say I am for the most part impressed with the range. The casting is crisp and there seems little need for clean up – a benefit to lazy modellers like me.

Finecast Saurus Oldblood

It feels a bit weird as a member of the old school anti-GW stalwart to say this but they have done a good job. There is still one tiny grip and that is the fact that the base is part of the model, containing the claws for one of the feet. It is a nice base, I would have just liked it to be my choice to use it.

#Warmachine #Hordes Journeyman League – Thoughts and Doubts

There are only 3 weeks now until my LGS 4Tk Gaming starts its slightly modified, running for 8 weeks rather than 6, Journeyman league. I mentioned the league back in September but we are only just getting round to running it after our Infinity league.

For this league I have opted for the Searforge Commission  contract from the Mercenaries book. This means to start with I have to use Gorten Grundback, Driller and 3 Gunners – the contents of the old starter set.

I had already purchased 2 of the Gunners back in September and have now built Gorten and the Driller so just one more Gunner to go – hopefully picking him up tonight from a Searforge player with one spare.

Gorten and Driller

The trouble I am having is with the outlay that this league entail in such a short space of time. The contents of the Gorten starter are only 8pts so after week one I need to add 7pts to make it to the 15pts required. This will be Thor Steinhammer and a small unit of Horgenhold Forgeguard – in total about £32. Week 3 sees the jump to 25pts and I plan to include Brun and Lug, a 9pt unit, but that is another £25 and I am unsure how I feel about spending that much money in such a short space of time, finances being what they currently are. There is a week respite till the jump to 35pts where I will be adding an Ogrun Bokur, a model I already have waiting to be painted, and a Wroughthammer Rockram to go with Thor who is thankfully only £16.

I have no qualms paying to play my hobby, just a little uncertainty about the outlay in the timescale (oh, and the fact I need to paint).

Details of the basing and painting scheme in the next post along with some feedback on how the list plays hopefully.

Skyrim Detox – Day 1

Could barely bring myself to get out of bed and took the battery out of my alarm. Eventually got up when my wife’s alarm went off an hour later. Got up and sat staring at a computer screen and achieved nothing.

I have put Gorten and the Driller on my desk ready to prep for the Journeyman league at 4tk Gaming which is being run at the end of the month. Maybe tomorrow I will actually take them out of the blisters.

I have ordered myself a painting tray from Warlord Games and just need to sort out a lamp, there is one in Maplin I quite fancy.

The first step is the hardest.

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