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Tools of the trade.

Engineers and doctors in Infinity don’t have to rush out into the middle of a gun battle to try and repair/heal someone. They cunningly use technology to get shot in there place.

Carlota Kowalsky last week had her Zondcat, Moriarty, but for other miniatures in the Nomad force there are the Zondbots.

These little fellows have a skill called Mimetism, a kind of camouflage that increases the difficulty to hit them. I think it is because they are so cute.

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You wait ages for an engineer…

…and then two show up at once.

Hot on the heels of Carlota Kowalsky from Wednesday’s post comes the Clockmaker, the standard Nomad engineer.

How cool does he look with his super flared trousers and flat top hair. The OSL glow around his eyes came from the fact that I hate painting eyes (if you hadn’t noticed that yet) yet his were so wide open I felt I had to try and do something.

With a WIP of 15 gives him a good chance to repair damaged structures, reset E/M damaged weapons, unstick models hit by adhesive rounds or deactivate mines. All helpful skills in any game of Infinity.

15 14

Death From Above 2189

A double whammy today in the form of Nomad Tomcat engineer Carlota Kowalsky and her Zondbot – in this case Zondcat – Moriarty.

Tomcats have the ability to arrive on the board via Airborne Deployment at any time in your turn by spending an action and then rolling to see if they land on target. This allows you to hold them until needed but does put you at risk as in your opponents turn they can attempt to hack your dropship and, if they succeed, cause you to make an emergency jump adding 9 to the difficulty to land. This can lead to you ending up somewhere you really do not want to be.

17 16 15

Seek and ye shall find.

I managed to find the picture of the Pupniks that I mentioned yesterday.

These guys were clearly before red became my favourite colour in the scheme – not repainting them though as the green will tie them in with the rest of my force.

#miniaturemonday 03/02/14

Another week, another #miniaturemonday and another Infinity miniature painted. This time it is the Chimera from the  Überfallkommando box set. Now, I think I may have posted the rest of the boxset on twitter many moons ago but not on here to I will have a scout around and see if I can find them as well.



18 17 to go.



Voting on the poll has been fierce with, at last count, 15 votes and at present four systems are tied for the lead. Here’s the poll again if you haven’t yet voted.

When moderation fails – bring out the big guns.

Things are moving along nicely now on the painting front although I fear that things may come to a crashing halt soon as revision for exams loom on the horizon.

Today’s Infinity miniature is a Nomad Alguacile with sniper rifle. This model was a birthday gift a few moons ago from Rob N and was one of the nicest Infinity models I have ever had to build given that only her right arm needing gluing on.

That’s one more model down 19 18. If you haven’t already then please go to this post and vote for what system I should paint next.

All things in moderation Pt.3

The Moderator models from the starter set all come armed with Combi Rifles (the standard ranged weapon in Infinity) but to give them a bit of a boost if I ever decide to use a link team (this rule allows you to group certain models together to increase their effectiveness, good in this case as Moderators are shocking) so I bought a guy with a Spitfire.

This shorter ranged weapon has a nice damage output and RoF but most times can’t hit the side of a barn door.

I’m really not sure if I have mention this anywhere before but part of my colour scheme (the green and orange) was inspired by TicTac (product placement).

That is the last Moderator but my Nomad painting streak is likely to continue 20 19

All things in moderation Pt.2

Well, the weekend is out of the way and I have another Moderator to share. This is the last guy from the starter set that I had to paint so I am quite happy with that.

I have just realised though that I have forgotten to continue my funky countdown (as if you people care) so 23 22 21 20

All things in moderation Pt.1

In Infinity each of the factions can be played as either an overriding collective, such as Nomads or ALEPH, or as an individual group known as a sectorial.

The sectorials for the Nomads are based around the spaceships that the groups live on and the one I have chosen to play is Bakunin. This ship is a collective of religious nuts and anything goes body adaptation. The grunts on this ship are known as Moderators (this is all leading somewhere I promise).

In the Bakunin starter set you get three Moderators and I had already painted one for my demo force to use at the 4tK Gaming Open Day a few years back so I thought I would try and finish these models to get me back on track.

This Moderator has been adapted to be a Bunny girl, she has ears and even a little fluffy tail on the back of the model.

My continuation of this simple painting method is still working well and hopefully part two of this post won’t be too far behind.

NYE Resolution – Update

Another post, another mini. After the disaster of my Infinity mini count increasing I decided to carry on with this range as all my paints for the colour scheme were on my tray anyway.

Here is my Vertigo Zond, this laser guided missile launching SOB can be devastating when used properly causing cries of ‘BROKEN’ throughout the land.

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