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When moderation fails – bring out the big guns.

Things are moving along nicely now on the painting front although I fear that things may come to a crashing halt soon as revision for exams loom on the horizon.

Today’s Infinity miniature is a Nomad Alguacile with sniper rifle. This model was a birthday gift a few moons ago from Rob N and was one of the nicest Infinity models I have ever had to build given that only her right arm needing gluing on.

That’s one more model down 19 18. If you haven’t already then please go to this post and vote for what system I should paint next.

All things in moderation Pt.3

The Moderator models from the starter set all come armed with Combi Rifles (the standard ranged weapon in Infinity) but to give them a bit of a boost if I ever decide to use a link team (this rule allows you to group certain models together to increase their effectiveness, good in this case as Moderators are shocking) so I bought a guy with a Spitfire.

This shorter ranged weapon has a nice damage output and RoF but most times can’t hit the side of a barn door.

I’m really not sure if I have mention this anywhere before but part of my colour scheme (the green and orange) was inspired by TicTac (product placement).

That is the last Moderator but my Nomad painting streak is likely to continue 20 19

All things in moderation Pt.2

Well, the weekend is out of the way and I have another Moderator to share. This is the last guy from the starter set that I had to paint so I am quite happy with that.

I have just realised though that I have forgotten to continue my funky countdown (as if you people care) so 23 22 21 20

Help wanted.

My New Years Resolution Painting Challenge (still need something snappier) is still coming along nicely but I can’t decide where to go next. My Joker gang for Batman was finished first and I am making a good dent into Infinity but wanted some suggestions for what to tackle next.

With that in mind I thought I would try a poll, which will run from now until my Infinity is fully painted, to choose my next gaming system to paint up.

I reserve the right to choose which force if it is for a system I play more than one in, this would be for Warhammer 40k, Relics, Flames of War and Warmachine. Just to give me a bit of variety.

I will promote this as much as possible during the coming weeks of Infinity painting and let you know the result when I post my last painted Infinity model. Feel free to spread the word and get the community to guide my brush.

Thanks for joining in.

All things in moderation Pt.1

In Infinity each of the factions can be played as either an overriding collective, such as Nomads or ALEPH, or as an individual group known as a sectorial.

The sectorials for the Nomads are based around the spaceships that the groups live on and the one I have chosen to play is Bakunin. This ship is a collective of religious nuts and anything goes body adaptation. The grunts on this ship are known as Moderators (this is all leading somewhere I promise).

In the Bakunin starter set you get three Moderators and I had already painted one for my demo force to use at the 4tK Gaming Open Day a few years back so I thought I would try and finish these models to get me back on track.

This Moderator has been adapted to be a Bunny girl, she has ears and even a little fluffy tail on the back of the model.

My continuation of this simple painting method is still working well and hopefully part two of this post won’t be too far behind.

NYE Resolution – Update

Another post, another mini. After the disaster of my Infinity mini count increasing I decided to carry on with this range as all my paints for the colour scheme were on my tray anyway.

Here is my Vertigo Zond, this laser guided missile launching SOB can be devastating when used properly causing cries of ‘BROKEN’ throughout the land.

Three Steps Forward

Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates. I live in accommodation at my place of work and clearly the NHS think its more important to spend money on patient care than ensuring I have a decent wifi connection. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

Doesn’t it always appear that just when you think you are getting somewhere you end up back where you started or worse. I have an update on my NYE Painting Resolution – this needs a snappy title so suggestions below – with some models from Corvus Belli’s Infinity range.

When we first started playing Infinity I chose ALEPH because I liked the style of the range but, as it was just after the second book had been released, there wasn’t a great deal of choice so I also ended up collecting Nomads.

These space faring travellers appealed to me on both a fluff level as well as the miniatures and I bought loads which have sat around unpainted. For todays update I present to you the Lunokhod and accompanying Crazy Koalas.

Now, although these came in one blister and the Crazy Koalas (which are the cutest mines you will ever see) are tiny models this is three of my Infinity list 22 21 20 19.

Sadly, whilst having a sort out of some boxes I found three unopened blisters containing 4 new models 19 20 21 22 23

Argh, I’m now more behind than when I started. Stupid hobby.

It’s oh so quiet.

After a very promising start to the blogging year it has suddenly gone all quiet.  My apologies for this, my building is currently without the magic of the internet and I don’t have the patience to do this on my phone.

Normal service will hopefully resume next week.

100 posts – But what topic?

When I realised this was going to be my 100th post (well, that is what the stat’s say) I tried to think about a thing to talk about. This may not seem like much of a milestone to some but given my infrequency this is like 1,000 in normal blogger posts.

I cried out on Twitter and to my rescue came Rob (@peppermint_cat) who suggested I talk about him. I decided to wait for the next life raft.

This was Gareth (@EdenBlade) who suggested I talk about Nano, Rob’s dog. Now, I am not suggesting we like Nano more than Rob but it is fair to say that the dog gets way more attention than the Nano delivery device that Rob seems to have become (this may be due to the fact that he never seems to play any more). Here are some pictures of Nano.



I decided not to make the whole post about Nano but thought I would share the cuteness. The conversation did help me decide on the topic for the blog though – my LGS.

It seems like a long time ago that a colleague at work told me that a game store was opening near to my lab but I still remember the feeling of excitement that I had a nerd home being built for me. My town has a GW but I tend to play a lot of different games and at the time played Confrontation, Warmachine/Hordes, Infinity and Flames of War. Technically, I should say collected as I only had a regular opponent for one of those games, FoW.

I cycled round to the location of the store during my lunch break and stared through the window at the, not yet constructed, interior like Charlie Bucket at a sweet shop and was met, to my horror, by stacks of boxes of 40k and WHFB figures.

I felt cheated, why open another store that sells GW, so I did the decent thing…I sent the owner a terse email. I don’t remember the exact content but I do remember voicing my disgust that an indie store would just be GW Lite not caring that that is probably where a lot of the money lies.

To my surprise I got a reply stating that they planned to sell other products, once established, and what sort of things did I play. My relationship with the store and staff started at that moment with Andy, the owner.

The story now jumps to a few months later and I find out that there is going to be a Summer Open Day, Andy asks if I am prepared to give a demonstration game of Flames of War to help promote the game that they have decided to stock. I jump at the chance to help give something back to both the store and the hobby in general and get building and painting. Bocage, barbed wire and hills are strewn around my painting area along with the brave souls of the 6th Airlanding Brigade who are set to face the might of the 12th SS. Here are some photos from that day.

One picture I loved so much. It seemed to capture the hopelessness of the British defense as the Tiger tanks came bursting through the trees but, if you look carefully, a brave soul with a PIAT hides in the trees to the right of the shot and he managed to take out one of the tanks single handedly. The photo ended up with a background of Normandy roughly photoshopped in, a sepia tint and some aging and it still, to this day, makes me smile when I look at it.

As far as I can recall the next open day I also did Flames of War, a 3000pt epic on a table created by a different Rob (@rob_norman) and Simon (@SJDKEY) and I wish I could find some photos of that as it did look amazing.

My relationship with the store and the staff has continued to grow and I now mostly demo Infinity on the open days providing a small taster of how the game plays in the hope of teaching people about the larger hobby outside one manufacturer. The store is now in a bigger unit with loads more tables and it feels good to be a part of the story of its success.


Finally – One game fully painted.

Huzzah and things of that nature. I have finally finished one of my piles of metal. My Joker crew for Batman Miniatures Game is fully painted. As proof here are the last two minis, the imaginatively named Clown and Sniggering.




Batman – 4 3 2 1 0

I think next will be Infinity from Corvus Belli.

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