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Relics Goodies

Yay, happy days. My Relics mug has arrived from Tor Gaming’s Zazzle store.

I look forward to drinking the tears of my opponents from this mug – or tears of laughter as I roll an incredible number of 1’s when I only need 2+ in a game – or coffee

You can find a link to the store on the left hand side of this blog – go and buy a shirt or mug or something and show your support for this excellent game.

Instant Mold

Recently I have been persuaded to play Warhammer Fantasy at my LGS and have picked up the Vampire Counts. In days gone by I used to play Bretonnians and the idea of mixing the two for a themed army seemed like a good one, that was until I realised how hard it was going to be to source the Bretonnian bits I would need for the alterations.

Then I remembered reading an article on Miniature Musings of a Bear about Blu Stuff molding and decided to try something similar.

What I ended up with was InstantMold

This is a clear, plastic type material that you pace in boiling water for a few minutes and then press the item you wish to mold into it or, as  I did, press the material over the item you wish to mold. I had much better results with this method.

It only takes a few minutes to harden and then its ready for use.

Here is a comparison shot of an original and a molded copy. There is room for improvement but this one was my first attempt so cut me some slack.

Finally, here is a dodgy photo of a skeleton made with a shield that went slightly wrong and a press molded Bretonnian helmet.

Now to make another 70 shields and helmets and get painting.

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