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Finally – One game fully painted.

Huzzah and things of that nature. I have finally finished one of my piles of metal. My Joker crew for Batman Miniatures Game is fully painted. As proof here are the last two minis, the imaginatively named Clown and Sniggering.




Batman – 4 3 2 1 0

I think next will be Infinity from Corvus Belli.

No end to these clowns.

There will be and end – two more models (provided I don’t buy my missing blisters).

Today I present to you Contra-Auguste (I didn’t pick the name, that’s what it says on the card).



Batman – 4 3 2 left.

Guest blog

No blog really on here today from me because I wrote one for Docbungle.

Read my Batman Miniatures Game rundown at Miniature Musings of a Bear

Keep on chipping away

The key to me being able to keep this painting resolution at the moment is that I mostly play skirmish games and as such I am treating each miniature as an individual little project. I am dreading the point when I have to tackle my Vampire Counts – I am thinking spray and dip may be my friends.

Todays miniature is from Knight Models Batman Miniatures Game (noticing a trend yet) – The Ringmaster.


Batman –  4 3

#miniaturemonday 06/01/14

May I present to you Mr Edward ‘Eddie’ Nygma for the Knight Models Batman Miniatures Game.

The Riddler

The Riddler

I haven’t tried him in the game yet and look forward to giving him his first outing.

Every ending must have a start.

My resolution to paint (reduce) my pile of miniatures didn’t seem too daunting until I actually started looking at some numbers. I thought it might be wise to know what lies ahead and so took a tally of the stuff in my room.

This is just the stuff I have to hand and doesn’t include anything back at my old home in the loft and I have focused on games that I currently play or plan to relaunch during 2014.

  • Batman Miniatures Game – 4
  • Confrontation – 24
  • Relics – 25
  • Infinity – 22
  • Hordes – 11
  • Warmachine – 86
  • Flames of War – 14 Bases of Infantry, 2 AT Guns, 2 Jeeps
  • Warhammer Fantasy – An entire Vampire Counts Army – I couldn’t be bothered counting
  • Warhammer 40k – 7 Marines, Necron Battleforce, Necron Lord, 3 Tomb Blades
  • Malifaux – 12
  • Dystopian Wars – 59
  • Dreadball – 4

I think given we are currently playing Dreadball and Batman that these will be my focus (plus they have low model count).

Keep watching for news on how it goes.

Batman Miniatures Game – Painting update

I have actually managed a bit of brush time recently and have completed a few mini’s for Knight Models Batman Miniatures Game.

2013-12-22 16.47.29

2013-12-22 16.48.09

2013-12-22 16.48.27

These have been quite fun to paint so far – even if the fat clown looks a little scary.

Tuesday Night Gaming Round Up

Despite the plan to play four different systems in one night we only managed two because Dave forgot his iPad with rules and army lists on it.

I did try the Batman Miniatures Game for the first time and, despite a rather clunky set of translated rules, enjoyed the game although a head to head fight with no objectives doesn’t seem to be a good way to play the game.

My teaser post yesterday was my Joker model who is almost finished.



He did manage to KO a Gotham cop and then run up and stab him to death whilst unconscious without Batman pounding him because the Dark Knight was tied up in a tussle with Harley Quinn.

Second game was some 40k Kill Team and my Pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children held their own against a Tau firing line and a few Piranha. I did decide I need at least one weapon for taking out vehicles though.

All in all a fun night. Away next week so no gaming for me. May try and decipher the Batman rules some more.

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