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Batman Miniatures Game – Painting update

I have actually managed a bit of brush time recently and have completed a few mini’s for Knight Models Batman Miniatures Game.

2013-12-22 16.47.29

2013-12-22 16.48.09

2013-12-22 16.48.27

These have been quite fun to paint so far – even if the fat clown looks a little scary.

#miniaturemonday Don’t Thread On Me

Back in the early days of wargaming history myself and Gavin from Tor Gaming used to play 15mm American War of Independence (or the Revolutionary War depending on your point of view).

One thing I remember is Gav picking the French because their uniforms were white and would be easy to paint once primed that colour. I played the American/Native forces whilst a neighbour at the time played the British Redcoats.

This, and this only, is the reason that my Britanan in Tor Gaming’s Relics system are in blue and buff and the title of the article is based on a flag found at that time.

My posts seem to come along as regularly as Santa. Hope you get all the shiny things you need.

2013-12-22 12.09.31

2013-12-22 12.09.38

2013-12-22 12.09.46

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