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It’s got to end sometime.

I realised a slight flaw in my plan to allow voting on my next project to run until I had finished Infinity and that is that I would like to have the next lot built and primed ready to go.

So, back pedalling quicker than me on a Grifter, the poll will end Sunday evening. That gives over 48 hours to vote, if you haven’t already, to make people vote and ensure the one you want to win wins, to bribe me so I rig the vote, to send me free stuff (surely as someone who writes a blog I deserve free stuff…).

That last one was a joke.

There’s something fishy going on.

Whilst enjoying a game of Firefly yesterday afternoon (which is amazing by the way) one of my friends asked which game was winning the painting poll, when I informed him of the current result he seemed surprised as it appears he had voted for the same game SIX times.

Now, this is clearly an oversight on my part as I wasn’t aware the stupid thing would allow people to vote more than once so, hopefully, this has now been rectified.

The poll will run for quite a while yet as there are still a number of Infinity miniatures for me left to paint – including some that aren’t from the Nomad range /em shock.

If you haven’t voted yet you can do so below or point friends and family to the link and get them to vote for you, spread the word on forums etc. I don’t mind as long as each person only votes once and I don’t have to make a decision on where this project takes me.

Help wanted.

My New Years Resolution Painting Challenge (still need something snappier) is still coming along nicely but I can’t decide where to go next. My Joker gang for Batman was finished first and I am making a good dent into Infinity but wanted some suggestions for what to tackle next.

With that in mind I thought I would try a poll, which will run from now until my Infinity is fully painted, to choose my next gaming system to paint up.

I reserve the right to choose which force if it is for a system I play more than one in, this would be for Warhammer 40k, Relics, Flames of War and Warmachine. Just to give me a bit of variety.

I will promote this as much as possible during the coming weeks of Infinity painting and let you know the result when I post my last painted Infinity model. Feel free to spread the word and get the community to guide my brush.

Thanks for joining in.

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