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>Building buildings

>This morning has been spent trying to finish my buildings for Infinity ready for ‘Try Something New’. I just need to add the corners, detail and paint.

Oh, and finish my Relics board – and 5 minis for Infinity.


>Britanan Demo Force


>At last – a photo

Finally, a picture of something. Here’s my figures for the Malifaux ‘Try Something New’ event.

>All is quiet.

>Bit silent lately as I have been away at Uni but things are progressing – slowly.

Britanan Starter set is complete, Steamborg Executioner is done, Ramos is on the bench.

Infinity minis and buildings on back burner as they are not till week three of our ‘Try Something New’ promotion.

Photos to come when I get a decent camera/light set up

>Under the brush.


What’s on the desk at the moment?
The Britanan Starter set from Tor Gaming is currently in the queue ready for ‘Try Something New’.
Here’s the Troopers as a taster.

>Uncharted Seas Human Fleet finished


My Uncharted Seas fleet is finished. This is for my LGS’s Try Something New period that is coming up.

>Setting Sail


One down, 9 to go. It is the big one out of the way at least.

>Try Something New update


Right, all my Britanan are built and based ready for priming. Uncharted Seas sails primed ready for a quick paint, nothing special. Steamborg Executioner has base layer finished. ALEPH Deva needs basing.

Three and a bit weeks to go.

>Infinity ALEPH Deva

>Forgive the photo it was taken on my phone.

Photography is not my strong suit, neither is painting 😉

>I am so slow.

>Well, I have managed to put a bit of paint on my Infinity ALEPH Deva and highlights on a Dakini – at this rate I should have a fully painted force by Xmas.

Will pop pics on later.

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