Monthly Archives: April 2012

Hordes – Gargantuans. Oh My.

Well, isn’t this a nice treat for a Friday.

Mountain King - Trollbloods Gargantuan.

I wonder what the next Hordes book is going to be called 😉

The agony of choice.

Last night saw the return of Relics to the LGS and, having played a thoroughly enjoyable game, got me thinking.

Salute is this weekend and I plan to pick up Dystopian Wars as well as some terrain for Infinity. How can I ensure that I spend time on all the games I want to play.

One option that has come to mind is to spend 4 week slots playing a certain game; focusing all painting time to that game. This could encourage me to paint whilst stopping that staleness that can sometimes arise when you are spending weeks on the same thing.

What does everyone else do to keep their focus fresh?

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