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Every ending must have a start.

My resolution to paint (reduce) my pile of miniatures didn’t seem too daunting until I actually started looking at some numbers. I thought it might be wise to know what lies ahead and so took a tally of the stuff in my room.

This is just the stuff I have to hand and doesn’t include anything back at my old home in the loft and I have focused on games that I currently play or plan to relaunch during 2014.

  • Batman Miniatures Game – 4
  • Confrontation – 24
  • Relics – 25
  • Infinity – 22
  • Hordes – 11
  • Warmachine – 86
  • Flames of War – 14 Bases of Infantry, 2 AT Guns, 2 Jeeps
  • Warhammer Fantasy – An entire Vampire Counts Army – I couldn’t be bothered counting
  • Warhammer 40k – 7 Marines, Necron Battleforce, Necron Lord, 3 Tomb Blades
  • Malifaux – 12
  • Dystopian Wars – 59
  • Dreadball – 4

I think given we are currently playing Dreadball and Batman that these will be my focus (plus they have low model count).

Keep watching for news on how it goes.

Warmachine Journeyman League – On your marks.

It has finally happened, my final Gunner came into my possession last night and after a bit of gluing and filing this morning I now have my completed Gorten Grundback battlebox.

Gorten Grundback Battlebox

Gorten Grundback Battlebox

The next stage is to start slapping some paint on and decide on a basing scheme. The plan is to airbrush the main colour and a light highlight and then just add metal parts and detail afterwards.

More to come soon.

#Warmachine #Hordes Journeyman League – Thoughts and Doubts

There are only 3 weeks now until my LGS 4Tk Gaming starts its slightly modified, running for 8 weeks rather than 6, Journeyman league. I mentioned the league back in September but we are only just getting round to running it after our Infinity league.

For this league I have opted for the Searforge Commission  contract from the Mercenaries book. This means to start with I have to use Gorten Grundback, Driller and 3 Gunners – the contents of the old starter set.

I had already purchased 2 of the Gunners back in September and have now built Gorten and the Driller so just one more Gunner to go – hopefully picking him up tonight from a Searforge player with one spare.

Gorten and Driller

The trouble I am having is with the outlay that this league entail in such a short space of time. The contents of the Gorten starter are only 8pts so after week one I need to add 7pts to make it to the 15pts required. This will be Thor Steinhammer and a small unit of Horgenhold Forgeguard – in total about £32. Week 3 sees the jump to 25pts and I plan to include Brun and Lug, a 9pt unit, but that is another £25 and I am unsure how I feel about spending that much money in such a short space of time, finances being what they currently are. There is a week respite till the jump to 35pts where I will be adding an Ogrun Bokur, a model I already have waiting to be painted, and a Wroughthammer Rockram to go with Thor who is thankfully only £16.

I have no qualms paying to play my hobby, just a little uncertainty about the outlay in the timescale (oh, and the fact I need to paint).

Details of the basing and painting scheme in the next post along with some feedback on how the list plays hopefully.

Skyrim Detox – Day 1

Could barely bring myself to get out of bed and took the battery out of my alarm. Eventually got up when my wife’s alarm went off an hour later. Got up and sat staring at a computer screen and achieved nothing.

I have put Gorten and the Driller on my desk ready to prep for the Journeyman league at 4tk Gaming which is being run at the end of the month. Maybe tomorrow I will actually take them out of the blisters.

I have ordered myself a painting tray from Warlord Games and just need to sort out a lamp, there is one in Maplin I quite fancy.

The first step is the hardest.

#miniaturemonday 26/9/11

Another Miniature Monday goes by without me painting anything. I sat down to paint last night and my wet palette was buggered. It was only then I discovered a lack of kitchen roll to make another one and there we are – a new excuse out of the way.

If anyone is writing this down to make a book of hobbyists excuses then I would love to read them at some point.

Fortunately I did have tools and glue so decided to build my Grundback Gunners in anticipation for our Journeyman League. Although we aren’t planning on kicking off until the new year I think if I buy and build everything in advance then that’s half the battle.

It is an incredibly simple light warjack.

1. Body 2. Gun 3. Legs 4. Feet

The one issue I have is that this was meant to be a messenger jack that took on this role and I would have loved the mini to show a bit more motion. The feet are kind of limited in posability.

They are kind of cute though. Haven’t decided on a colour scheme yet.

In game the jack only has 18 damage boxes but a decent DEF & ARM should help it survive some attacks.

Sadly I won’t find out until the New Year but them’s the breaks I suppose.

Weekend Plans

As I have been a bit of a rubbish hobbyist over the last n weeks the time has come to firmly make a plan for the weekend and endevour to stick to it.

I want to work out my progression for the forthcoming journeyman league – at least the first jump to 15pts – as the Searforge starter list is only 8 points so I will have more to add for the first stage than most. The choice between another heavy and a unit is going to be a tough one so I need to give it some thought.

Painting wise I think I will work on my Nomads. I love Infinity and playing on a cool table with painted minis makes so much difference. I am thinking of trying to knock up a jungle board to go with my Acontecimento starter set as well. If I go ahead with the board then that shought make for a nice series of blog articles and you won’t just have to read by bleating on.

The other option for painting is some Warmachine stuff for my Mercs. I think I have mentioned that I am choosing Searforge for the league as a way of reaching Unbound level games so If I can get my other stuff painted before the league starts I will be in a stronger position for Unbound once the league is over.

Final though is the number of armies I have and whether to sell some. I currently am thinking of selling my ALEPH force for Infinity and a Panzerkompanie for Flames of War to limit myself to one army per game. Its tricky though as my ALEPH is the first fully painted force I have – never been good at completing a project.

Have a good weekend folks and hopefully I will have some stuff to post on Monday.

Club Night @4tkgaming 20/9/11

Another Tuesday passes me by with a night spent at my LGS. Last night had me playing a 200pt Infinity game – Nomads (Me) vs Yu Jing (Rich). Rich is new to the game and it was hard seeing every dice roll go against him, rolling high when he needed low and vice-versa .

It did mean I broke my losing streak though so I don’t feel too bad.

There was a large game of Incursion going on which was cool, I love that game, although I had forgotten to take my MI-13 down – Lesson 1: I should stick things in my case when I agree to take them.

There was discussion about us running the Privateer Press Journeyman league in the New Year which a few changes to the official rules – will keep you updated on that one. I did purchase some Grundback Gunners ready though as I am adding Searforge to my Mercs.

Lastly, on the journey home the conversation turned to painting and I realised I haven’t painted anything for ages. This is quite frustrating as I was on a bit of a roll with the ‘Try Something New’ event. Going to pick a mini tonight and just paint it – hopefully this will spur me on to getting back in a routine.


Glad I chose Circle

I still haven’t had much joy with Hordes. I tried Baldur with the Constructs which didn’t really do anything for me, I still prefer Mohsar.

When I chose Circle I wanted to play differently to my Warmachine Mercs list which is all 6 Focus casters, I fancied something more spell orientated.

I bought the constructs and Mohsar after reading the fluff in Metamorphosis when he meets Kreuger but it isn’t working for me in game terms. Maybe I need more beasts, maybe it just doesn’t play well at 15pts.

The pictures of the Celestial Fulcrum though have, for the time being, made me want to stick with Circle – at least I get a Battle Engine (unlike my poor Mercenaries).

Circle Orboros Battle Engine


I think it will be a long time before I am playing games that will fit one in though.

Wednesday post rethink.

I realised this morning that if I get suckered in to the games I play I dont really pay attention to what is going on around me at the club.

Example, I am aware last night that Bushido and Anima Tactics were both being played but I have no idea what they were like as I was trying to remember how to play Warmachine.

I played a 15pt game using the Magnus Bad Seeds Tier from No Quarter #36 and don’t know if I like it or not. As a long time Magnus player his epic form is quite different and didn’t seem as useful. I am hoping it will work better in bigger games but if not then I will drop it as an idea.

I also played a 250pt game of Infinity against Dave and his Yu Jing. The game started strongly in his favour with his Onibawan being a beast but then some lucky rolls on my part turned it around. In the end I won 5vp to 2vp.

Maybe these posts will work if I took some photos along the way – we will see how it develops.

Club Night @4tkgaming 19/7/11

This is the first Wednesday post about what went on at the club on Tuesday and will, hopefully, become a regular update.

Last night saw some Secrets of the Third Reich going on with new players being shown the ropes. I heard that the American player had a hard time putting down the Soviet zombie horde.

Plenty of Warmachine/Hordes was in play with three tables worth of games on the go at any one point. There doesn’t seem to be one faction that dominates in the club. Cryx seems to get slightly more love than most but it depends on who is down.

Finally there was Infinity. I had one game against Dave where we decided to just use a TAG and one other mini at 200pts. My Marut and a boarding shotgun toting Achilles against the Caskuda and a Charontid. Achilles ended up getting hit by E/M which wasn’t good in a game with no engineers but thankfully the Marut saved the day with some lucky BS rolls.

After that there was another ALEPH vs CA game with Jay’s Achilles/Myrmidon/Dasyu list against 200pts of CA which went ALEPHs way.

Finally we had a go on the club 40k City board using 250pt Yu Jing vs Nomads and I got hit bad. The bike troops that YJ have wiped out one side of the board with some excellent BS rolls from their Spitfires. My Chimera earned her points back – just need to learn how to use her properly. The game was won by Yu Jing in the end. It may have been close but it was always in their court.

A good night all in all, here’s hoping for more of the same next week.

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