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Friday – Pre-Falaise Update

One more sleep till I travel to the Calvados region of France. As a player of 6th Airborne in Flames of War I have quite an interest in this area.

I have been before but plan return visits to the Pegasus Museum, Cafe Gondree and Merville Battery and am hoping this time around to make it up to Carentan to see the other areas of Allied Airborne interest.

In keeping with this I decided to add some old pics of my Flames of War stuff. Today is the contents of the Parachute Company box set based as an Airlanding Company – I prefer the antics of the Glider Boys.

Next weeks posts will be the remainder of my painted stuff and maybe a few photos from demo games.

Until I return – happy gaming.

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Wednesday post rethink.

I realised this morning that if I get suckered in to the games I play I dont really pay attention to what is going on around me at the club.

Example, I am aware last night that Bushido and Anima Tactics were both being played but I have no idea what they were like as I was trying to remember how to play Warmachine.

I played a 15pt game using the Magnus Bad Seeds Tier from No Quarter #36 and don’t know if I like it or not. As a long time Magnus player his epic form is quite different and didn’t seem as useful. I am hoping it will work better in bigger games but if not then I will drop it as an idea.

I also played a 250pt game of Infinity against Dave and his Yu Jing. The game started strongly in his favour with his Onibawan being a beast but then some lucky rolls on my part turned it around. In the end I won 5vp to 2vp.

Maybe these posts will work if I took some photos along the way – we will see how it develops.

#miniaturemonday 25/7/11

Miniature Monday is here again and I haven’t finished painting anything, my bike accident put paid to my ability to hold a brush properly for a few days.

I have though built my Circle Orboros 15pt list including the rather annoying Woldwarden. The arms on this mini are in such an annoying pose as seen on the studio model below.

All I did was move the left arm up more to give him a grabbing motion and cut the right arm with a bone saw followed by pinning back into place to look more like him creating a low fist.

The broken log under his foot was to give him a more upright position. I am quite happy with the way he has turned out and look forward to being able to apply some colour to my force.

Weekend Plans 22/7/11

Well it’s Friday and that means, if I stick to my plan, that I announce my hobby aims for the weekend.

Sadly a bit of an off on my bike has caused me some pain, cut up my hands and the like so I don’t know what I can achieve at all.

I was hoping to get a game in tonight as the wife is on a staff do but that is unlikely as well.

I have started gluing together my Circle 15pt force but have realised that I don’t have enough beasts to generate fury for Mohsar who is a Fury 8 warlock. Back to the drawing board with the list I think.

First Friday post is a bit of a duffer all in all…Arse.

Club Night @4tkgaming 19/7/11

This is the first Wednesday post about what went on at the club on Tuesday and will, hopefully, become a regular update.

Last night saw some Secrets of the Third Reich going on with new players being shown the ropes. I heard that the American player had a hard time putting down the Soviet zombie horde.

Plenty of Warmachine/Hordes was in play with three tables worth of games on the go at any one point. There doesn’t seem to be one faction that dominates in the club. Cryx seems to get slightly more love than most but it depends on who is down.

Finally there was Infinity. I had one game against Dave where we decided to just use a TAG and one other mini at 200pts. My Marut and a boarding shotgun toting Achilles against the Caskuda and a Charontid. Achilles ended up getting hit by E/M which wasn’t good in a game with no engineers but thankfully the Marut saved the day with some lucky BS rolls.

After that there was another ALEPH vs CA game with Jay’s Achilles/Myrmidon/Dasyu list against 200pts of CA which went ALEPHs way.

Finally we had a go on the club 40k City board using 250pt Yu Jing vs Nomads and I got hit bad. The bike troops that YJ have wiped out one side of the board with some excellent BS rolls from their Spitfires. My Chimera earned her points back – just need to learn how to use her properly. The game was won by Yu Jing in the end. It may have been close but it was always in their court.

A good night all in all, here’s hoping for more of the same next week.

Bakunin Jurisdictional Command

Bakunin Jurisdictional Command

My Bakunin Jurisdictional Command for Infinity – all primed and ready to go (although I will have to lose the Intruders 😦 ). The three painted models were the ones completed for the intro games run at 4tk Gaming, Colchester.

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…

A fresh layout, a fresh host, a fresh schedule and a fresh start.

The plan is to have updates at least three times a week; Monday, Wednesday & a weekend one.

Monday to go with #miniaturemonday on twitter, Wednesday is the day after gaming night at my LGS and the weekend to announce any plans.

With the Monday posts I will include any relevant photos here as well such as the ones below. My thanks go to Rob Mossop for the amazing pics.

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These pics make me wish I could get a decent camera and light setup because anything I add after this point will look like pants.

Don’t judge me – help me.

>Okay, fine, I admit it. I am not the worlds best blogger. All the good intention in the world doesn’t make these posts happen.

I have two options – I wait until I have something to say that is worthwhile or I post little and often (like Rimmer during sex).

What do I do then? One post a week that is an update or one every day with whatever I have managed on it.

>Open Day @4tkgaming 9th July

>I am running an Infinity demo at my LGS on the 9th and have been hurriedly applying paint to my ALEPH miniatures for a 300pt list.

The good news is they are done apart from basing – the bad news is that I am now trying to get the rest of my ALEPH done so I can use more than one list.

I would put photos up but my camera is shocking – time for an investment I think.

>Thanks Ron Kruzie @privateerpress

>Ok, 3 posts in June wasn’t a good month buy practicals and exams were at the forefront of my mind.

July is here now so let’s dust off the brushes, rehydrate my paints and get cracking.

I really want to maintain the momentum that I had going in the run up to ‘Try Something New’ and read a post from Ron Kruzie (PP studio painter) that said put in one hour a day for 2/3 days  and three/four hours at weekends and you will be surpised how much gets done so that’s my aim. Actually, I want to aim for an hour every day and then whatever I can at weekends.

Once the Infinity project is out of the way I am looking at either an Epic Caine or Epic Severius 15pt WM list. Just need to decide.

Thanks Ron.

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