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Dreadball – Dunwich Horrors update

Until the booster pack for my Dreadball team is released I thought I would sate my need for shiny by painting the Nameless Spawn who came with my Ultimate Dreadball box.

Nameless Spawn

Nameless Spawn

I don’t know what he can bring to my team as he is just a bigger version of my Guard but he will be included at some point.

Every ending must have a start.

My resolution to paint (reduce) my pile of miniatures didn’t seem too daunting until I actually started looking at some numbers. I thought it might be wise to know what lies ahead and so took a tally of the stuff in my room.

This is just the stuff I have to hand and doesn’t include anything back at my old home in the loft and I have focused on games that I currently play or plan to relaunch during 2014.

  • Batman Miniatures Game – 4
  • Confrontation – 24
  • Relics – 25
  • Infinity – 22
  • Hordes – 11
  • Warmachine – 86
  • Flames of War – 14 Bases of Infantry, 2 AT Guns, 2 Jeeps
  • Warhammer Fantasy – An entire Vampire Counts Army – I couldn’t be bothered counting
  • Warhammer 40k – 7 Marines, Necron Battleforce, Necron Lord, 3 Tomb Blades
  • Malifaux – 12
  • Dystopian Wars – 59
  • Dreadball – 4

I think given we are currently playing Dreadball and Batman that these will be my focus (plus they have low model count).

Keep watching for news on how it goes.

New Year, New Game, New #warmongerpledge

It’s that time of year again where I make promises about hobby related stuff that I don’t keep. This year it is in regard to painting.

During 12 days of December I managed to get quite a lot painted and there is one reason for this – I realised I will never win any competitions so not to worry and get it painted. If a mini looks good from arms length on a tabletop its good enough for me. So my mantra for the New Year is ‘a painted mini looks better than bare metal or primer’.

Therefore my #warmongerpledge for 2014 is to try and clear my pile of unpainted metal and plastic (or at least put a solid dent in it*).

New Game – A few of us from 4tk Gaming picked up Dreadball at the recent Winter Open Day and I must admit I like the way it plays. In the week between picking my team and playing our first game I managed to paint my squad utilizing my above mantra.

So, without further ado, may I present to you The Dunwich Horrors.



'Sticky' Guards

‘Sticky’ Guards

'Hard' Guards

‘Hard’ Guards





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