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Tuesday Night Gaming Round Up

Despite the plan to play four different systems in one night we only managed two because Dave forgot his iPad with rules and army lists on it.

I did try the Batman Miniatures Game for the first time and, despite a rather clunky set of translated rules, enjoyed the game although a head to head fight with no objectives doesn’t seem to be a good way to play the game.

My teaser post yesterday was my Joker model who is almost finished.



He did manage to KO a Gotham cop and then run up and stab him to death whilst unconscious without Batman pounding him because the Dark Knight was tied up in a tussle with Harley Quinn.

Second game was some 40k Kill Team and my Pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children held their own against a Tau firing line and a few Piranha. I did decide I need at least one weapon for taking out vehicles though.

All in all a fun night. Away next week so no gaming for me. May try and decipher the Batman rules some more.

What’s on the bench?

I thought I might give a little tease of what I am working on at the moment. There’s no prize other than being able to say you were right.


#miniaturemonday 05/08/13

I promised yesterday that I had something for Miniature Monday so here goes.

Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children MkIV Space Marine

Nothing special I know but it’s the first time I have picked up a brush in many months. Maybe I have opened the floodgates and I can crack on with all the other projects I have laying around.

Less frequent than an eclipse.

I almost forgot I had this blog. I only remembered it because I have actually painted something but I am going to save it until tomorrow as it will be #miniaturemonday.

Please pop back then if you like.

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