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Club Night 27/9/11

Tuesday has been and gone and that means another night of fun at 4TK Gaming, my LGS, has passed me by.

Last night saw me having an Infinity game against a Yu-Jing opponent which was quite a close thing but he allowed himself to be pinned by a pair of Crazy Koalas which gave me a chance to move up. One thing I discovered is that I hate the Forward Observer Guided Missile Combo. So much in fact that I am thinking of adding it to my Nomad list in readiness for the upcoming league.

Once my game was over I helped introduce a new player to the game and after a few turns of killing opponents due to good ARO rolls I think he decided he liked it.

Two tables along had Rob N & Simon trying out the Discworld board game which looked rather interesting. There is occasional board game action, I have tried a few new things myself, sometimes its easier than putting together army lists and sorting minis out from case to case.

Over the way was a game of Warhammer Fantasy pitting one of my regular opponents, Dave, and his Ogre army against Phil’s High Elves. Things didn’t end too well for the Ogres although Dave was a tad rusty with the system.

Finally about the back there were 3 40k games going on. This threw me as its not normally something that appears on a Tuesday but it turns out everyone is getting practice in for the GT. I had to show my ignorance by asking what that was.

There we have it. Just a few final thoughts: No Warmahordes which is unusual. Talk between myself and Rob M of getting a few games of Relics in next week. A quick flick through the Malifaux Twisting Fates book, love the Ramos Avatar. An Infinity league in the pipeline for about 3 weeks time. I just need to find time to paint some models before it starts.

#miniaturemonday 26/9/11

Another Miniature Monday goes by without me painting anything. I sat down to paint last night and my wet palette was buggered. It was only then I discovered a lack of kitchen roll to make another one and there we are – a new excuse out of the way.

If anyone is writing this down to make a book of hobbyists excuses then I would love to read them at some point.

Fortunately I did have tools and glue so decided to build my Grundback Gunners in anticipation for our Journeyman League. Although we aren’t planning on kicking off until the new year I think if I buy and build everything in advance then that’s half the battle.

It is an incredibly simple light warjack.

1. Body 2. Gun 3. Legs 4. Feet

The one issue I have is that this was meant to be a messenger jack that took on this role and I would have loved the mini to show a bit more motion. The feet are kind of limited in posability.

They are kind of cute though. Haven’t decided on a colour scheme yet.

In game the jack only has 18 damage boxes but a decent DEF & ARM should help it survive some attacks.

Sadly I won’t find out until the New Year but them’s the breaks I suppose.

A Clever Idea

A fellow member of the Shell Case Forum  has put up a link to a nice article on painting tattoos

It has never occurred to me to use the blog to share information in this way – slow on the uptake I know – and as such I would like to share this link I found on painting ethnic skin tones. People have probable seen this already but if it helps one new person who reads it then it was worthwhile.

Ethnic Skintones

Weekend Plans

As I have been a bit of a rubbish hobbyist over the last n weeks the time has come to firmly make a plan for the weekend and endevour to stick to it.

I want to work out my progression for the forthcoming journeyman league – at least the first jump to 15pts – as the Searforge starter list is only 8 points so I will have more to add for the first stage than most. The choice between another heavy and a unit is going to be a tough one so I need to give it some thought.

Painting wise I think I will work on my Nomads. I love Infinity and playing on a cool table with painted minis makes so much difference. I am thinking of trying to knock up a jungle board to go with my Acontecimento starter set as well. If I go ahead with the board then that shought make for a nice series of blog articles and you won’t just have to read by bleating on.

The other option for painting is some Warmachine stuff for my Mercs. I think I have mentioned that I am choosing Searforge for the league as a way of reaching Unbound level games so If I can get my other stuff painted before the league starts I will be in a stronger position for Unbound once the league is over.

Final though is the number of armies I have and whether to sell some. I currently am thinking of selling my ALEPH force for Infinity and a Panzerkompanie for Flames of War to limit myself to one army per game. Its tricky though as my ALEPH is the first fully painted force I have – never been good at completing a project.

Have a good weekend folks and hopefully I will have some stuff to post on Monday.

Club Night @4tkgaming 20/9/11

Another Tuesday passes me by with a night spent at my LGS. Last night had me playing a 200pt Infinity game – Nomads (Me) vs Yu Jing (Rich). Rich is new to the game and it was hard seeing every dice roll go against him, rolling high when he needed low and vice-versa .

It did mean I broke my losing streak though so I don’t feel too bad.

There was a large game of Incursion going on which was cool, I love that game, although I had forgotten to take my MI-13 down – Lesson 1: I should stick things in my case when I agree to take them.

There was discussion about us running the Privateer Press Journeyman league in the New Year which a few changes to the official rules – will keep you updated on that one. I did purchase some Grundback Gunners ready though as I am adding Searforge to my Mercs.

Lastly, on the journey home the conversation turned to painting and I realised I haven’t painted anything for ages. This is quite frustrating as I was on a bit of a roll with the ‘Try Something New’ event. Going to pick a mini tonight and just paint it – hopefully this will spur me on to getting back in a routine.


Too much shiny – Not enough time/cash *delete as applicable

Wow, first the fantastic Celestial Fulcrum from Privateer Press and then some stunning releases from Corvus Belli for Infinity. As a Nomad and ALEPH player I am particularly happy about the first two.

ALEPH Yudbot and Netrod

Nomad Prowler

But as someone who’s LGS has a lot of Yu-Jing and Combined Army players these two bring a chill to my core.

Yu-Jing Karakuri

Combined Army Sphinx

It’s a good job I love the game so much that I don’t care what I face – I would quite like to break my current losing streak though.

Glad I chose Circle

I still haven’t had much joy with Hordes. I tried Baldur with the Constructs which didn’t really do anything for me, I still prefer Mohsar.

When I chose Circle I wanted to play differently to my Warmachine Mercs list which is all 6 Focus casters, I fancied something more spell orientated.

I bought the constructs and Mohsar after reading the fluff in Metamorphosis when he meets Kreuger but it isn’t working for me in game terms. Maybe I need more beasts, maybe it just doesn’t play well at 15pts.

The pictures of the Celestial Fulcrum though have, for the time being, made me want to stick with Circle – at least I get a Battle Engine (unlike my poor Mercenaries).

Circle Orboros Battle Engine


I think it will be a long time before I am playing games that will fit one in though.

Confrontation – From the ashes

I am not sure how many people reading this will have played Confrontation but the recent releases from Legacy Miniatures and the news that wave 2 will contain an old favourite – the Mid-Nor Cyclops – has led me to try and hunt down some minis and rekindle my love of this game.

Amazingly there are still some places selling the old Rackham metals at sensible prices and there are some ebay auctions that go for stupid money. My belonging to the UK-Cord has enabled me to get a few pieces from fellow members who want players and not stupid profit (for the most part anyway).

I managed to pick the books up from Maelstrom for 99p each, Confrontation 3 and the Dogs of War extension, a kind of Mordheim type game, although there are various sites hosting pdf versions of the books.

I will probably try and use here to track my progress with this project so remember to subscribe to my blog or add me to your RSS feed reader.

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