New Year, New Game, New #warmongerpledge

It’s that time of year again where I make promises about hobby related stuff that I don’t keep. This year it is in regard to painting.

During 12 days of December I managed to get quite a lot painted and there is one reason for this – I realised I will never win any competitions so not to worry and get it painted. If a mini looks good from arms length on a tabletop its good enough for me. So my mantra for the New Year is ‘a painted mini looks better than bare metal or primer’.

Therefore my #warmongerpledge for 2014 is to try and clear my pile of unpainted metal and plastic (or at least put a solid dent in it*).

New Game – A few of us from 4tk Gaming picked up Dreadball at the recent Winter Open Day and I must admit I like the way it plays. In the week between picking my team and playing our first game I managed to paint my squad utilizing my above mantra.

So, without further ado, may I present to you The Dunwich Horrors.



'Sticky' Guards

‘Sticky’ Guards

'Hard' Guards

‘Hard’ Guards






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