Help wanted.

My New Years Resolution Painting Challenge (still need something snappier) is still coming along nicely but I can’t decide where to go next. My Joker gang for Batman was finished first and I am making a good dent into Infinity but wanted some suggestions for what to tackle next.

With that in mind I thought I would try a poll, which will run from now until my Infinity is fully painted, to choose my next gaming system to paint up.

I reserve the right to choose which force if it is for a system I play more than one in, this would be for Warhammer 40k, Relics, Flames of War and Warmachine. Just to give me a bit of variety.

I will promote this as much as possible during the coming weeks of Infinity painting and let you know the result when I post my last painted Infinity model. Feel free to spread the word and get the community to guide my brush.

Thanks for joining in.


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