All things in moderation Pt.1

In Infinity each of the factions can be played as either an overriding collective, such as Nomads or ALEPH, or as an individual group known as a sectorial.

The sectorials for the Nomads are based around the spaceships that the groups live on and the one I have chosen to play is Bakunin. This ship is a collective of religious nuts and anything goes body adaptation. The grunts on this ship are known as Moderators (this is all leading somewhere I promise).

In the Bakunin starter set you get three Moderators and I had already painted one for my demo force to use at the 4tK Gaming Open Day a few years back so I thought I would try and finish these models to get me back on track.

This Moderator has been adapted to be a Bunny girl, she has ears and even a little fluffy tail on the back of the model.

My continuation of this simple painting method is still working well and hopefully part two of this post won’t be too far behind.


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