Pounds and Projects

It is around this time of year that I realise there is only 3 months until Salute and I panic about raising funds for my excursion.

Every year there is always something I plan to spend most of my budget on; last year it was VSF and Infinity, the year before was Secrets of the Third Reich, this year it is Dystopian Wars (and maybe 7TV).

The problem is I have such a limited budget I need to have a clear out to get some extra cash and the decision then arises; what am I going to sell?

The VSF from last year is still in boxes but I do really want to paint it. My Infinity ALEPH force has been usurped by my Nomads but it is the only army I have painted everything for, my loft contains the makings of a Pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children force (I don’t even play 40k but it appears to be a good challenge) and I have a German Panzer Army for Flames of War that may never see light again.

A big issue is that people don’t have too much money to throw around after xmas so I never know if what I sell will get what its worth, the second issue is that I am rubbish at getting rid of anything.

I have little doubt something will happen and that I will scrape enough to make a limited number of purchases; I just hope that what I buy this year will at least get used.


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