#peerpressure – or how do you choose what to play?

In my FLGS 4Tk Gaming on Tuesday nights we regularly run some form of organised play; be it a league or a tournament. We have recently finished a 9 week long league for Infinity the Game and, after a short break will be starting at the end of the month an 8 week Journeyman League for Warmachine/Hordes.

This is fine although sometimes you get so sick of playing the same game week after week that you can’t wait for it to end. When it does though the immortal question arises.


This is a question that I asked today and was met with the response I would give if someone asked me, ‘Not bothered’.

How do you choose between Infinity, Warhammer Fantasy, Relics, Warmachine, Malifaux, Uncharted Seas, Flames of War. They are the first choices that spring to mind without putting too much thought in and that;s without Dystopian Wars that I intend to pick up at Salute.

The first thought is to play something diametrically opposed to what the last organised event was. Finished a sci-fi skirmish game, give me a fantasy game with blocks of troops filling the table.

Maybe someone could create a random item generator app where I type in the names of the systems I play and it picks one at random; either that or I put the names into one of my many hats.

How about you, how do you decide what to play? Answers below.


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  1. In our gaming group, most people are willing to try any game that someone bothers to champion. In general, if someone else is willing to make a suggestion to play something then it’s simplest just to give it a try!

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