#GW #Finecast – First thoughts

I know this debate has been and gone but as someone who hasn’t built a Games Workshop miniature in a very long time I thought I would pop my hat into the ring.

A little background first. I came into gaming from a RPG route but did, earlier in my hobby life, play WFB along with Mordheim and Bloodbowl but stopped a long time ago and, apart from a short lived (one or two games) look at 40k there has been nothing for a long time.

I used to collect High Elves and I love the sight of two painted fantasy armies facing off across each other but recently I have picked up the Lizardmen Battalion set – seeing people playing at the club weakened my resolve. As you may or may not know the starter sets don’t come with any sort of Hero/Lord model so I picked myself up a Saurus Oldblood from the Finecast range. ‘Oh no’, I thought to myself – this is that range of detritus that forums everywhere are screaming about. Sadly there were no metal versions so I had little choice.

The mini has now sat in my ‘to-do’ pile for months until yesterday when I dug it out to play a small game of WFB, a break from the norm at my LGS. I have to say I am for the most part impressed with the range. The casting is crisp and there seems little need for clean up – a benefit to lazy modellers like me.

Finecast Saurus Oldblood

It feels a bit weird as a member of the old school anti-GW stalwart to say this but they have done a good job. There is still one tiny grip and that is the fact that the base is part of the model, containing the claws for one of the feet. It is a nice base, I would have just liked it to be my choice to use it.


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  1. Unfortunately (or Fortunately) you have yet to experience finecast since that is the new plastic Saurus Hero.

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