Club Night @4Tkgaming 10/01/12

Last night saw my second game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle in around a decade and featured a crushing blow to my fledgling Lizardmen force. I played a 1000pt game consisting of:

  • Saurus Scar Veteran, Aura of Quetzl
  • Skink Priest L2
  • 15 Saurus Warriors
  • 8 Cold One Cavalry
  • 12 Skink Skirmishers
  • Razordon

The long and the short is, I lost fairly badly including my cavalry not getting to do anything after a nasty charge from some Ogre cavalry. It started to turn my way a little with David, my opponent, getting some crappy rolls but in the end it was a steep learning curve.

The outcome is that the list had nothing that could really deal with multi-wound Ogres once the cavalry had gone. Plans for a Kroxigor or some Temple Guard are in the pipeline.

Out the back room there was a group playing the Wings of War boardgame.

Wings of War

What I didn’t need to happen when I am struggling to find the funds for the Journeyman league is to be introduced to a really fun game that uses models I wouldn’t even need to paint. If you ever get a chance to give it a go then do, the basic rules are incredibly easy to pick up and it was an immense amount of fun.


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  1. On the upside, the Wings of War stuff is largely out of stock at most of the places I tried (not that i’ve been spending time at work looking or anything, honest….)

  2. I very quickly got bored with Wings of War and sold about 20 aircraft and the 3 rules sets I had last year. I would not count on it being a game which you are desperate to play, I found I played it about 4 times in 4 years and the games played were very light-weight and made me desperate to get back to something like Blue Max from 1983 – a classic board game.

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