Glad I chose Circle

I still haven’t had much joy with Hordes. I tried Baldur with the Constructs which didn’t really do anything for me, I still prefer Mohsar.

When I chose Circle I wanted to play differently to my Warmachine Mercs list which is all 6 Focus casters, I fancied something more spell orientated.

I bought the constructs and Mohsar after reading the fluff in Metamorphosis when he meets Kreuger but it isn’t working for me in game terms. Maybe I need more beasts, maybe it just doesn’t play well at 15pts.

The pictures of the Celestial Fulcrum though have, for the time being, made me want to stick with Circle – at least I get a Battle Engine (unlike my poor Mercenaries).

Circle Orboros Battle Engine


I think it will be a long time before I am playing games that will fit one in though.


Posted on September 18, 2011, in Hordes, IABN, Warmachine. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. That does look seriously awesome though. Much better than the carriage Khador got (still want the Cryx one though, that too is awesome)

  2. I’ve had a lot of trouble with the Circle at 15 and 25 points. Things don’t seem to tick until you hit 35 and can fit in all the tricksy support pieces and spare beasts as well as the stuff that actually hurts things and wins games.

  3. I really like the concept of this Battle Engine. It looks so darn cool.

  4. Personally I think Mohsar is garbage at 15 points, with a sharp rise toward balanced at 25 and again at 50.

    I’d point you at Kaya1 sans double argii for a solid 15/25 caster, but you seem to like the constructs.

    Hope Baldur2 works out for you then, but moving up to 25 points may be the best solution.

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