Woe-locks – #Hordes Issues

Last night was an eye opener in just how much I don’t know about Hordes. I am trying to build a small Circle Orboros force up starting at 15pts.

Last week I used Mohsar the Desertwalker and some constructs which wasn’t too bad but lacked the ability to heal the things and he is so high Fury that at 15pts it was hard to keep him charged up.

This week I tried Baldur and got my arse handed to me twice. My Woldwarden got killed both games by a Legion Heavy – Scythean and Carnivean – before he had a chance to do anything.

Is it just that Circle/Legion is a bad tie up; am I just a shocking player; does Dave, my opponent; know his army really well (even if he was using a new caster); will it play better at games of more than 15pts.

One of the things I love about gaming is thinking about how to overcome these issues – a problem solving exercise. I can’t afford to throw money at it so really have to learn my army and make careful choices.

I am sure there will be more moaning and whining before I am up to speed on the game though.


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  1. Baldur is a difficult guy to use in my experience. He’s pure construct in his synergies and so using other beasts can hamper you as you’re unable to use some of his better abilities with them.

    Woldwardens can’t cut it on their own against other heavy beasts that’s for sure. You need to give them backup and make sure they’re as boosted as possible via Baldur and other construct synergies. Playing Woldwardens with watchers and even a Megalith or Woldguardian can really assist their survivability and boost their damage output.

    Woldwyrds can be awesome, but they normally get killed quickly by those who know how much disruption they can cause…

  2. Know the feeling. My game against Simon last night reminded me of how much i’ve forgotten about the game, even if I did win šŸ™‚

    Bushido was good as well, but just as frustrating as I got taken apart without even landing a wound on anyone.

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