Wednesday post rethink.

I realised this morning that if I get suckered in to the games I play I dont really pay attention to what is going on around me at the club.

Example, I am aware last night that Bushido and Anima Tactics were both being played but I have no idea what they were like as I was trying to remember how to play Warmachine.

I played a 15pt game using the Magnus Bad Seeds Tier from No Quarter #36 and don’t know if I like it or not. As a long time Magnus player his epic form is quite different and didn’t seem as useful. I am hoping it will work better in bigger games but if not then I will drop it as an idea.

I also played a 250pt game of Infinity against Dave and his Yu Jing. The game started strongly in his favour with his Onibawan being a beast but then some lucky rolls on my part turned it around. In the end I won 5vp to 2vp.

Maybe these posts will work if I took some photos along the way – we will see how it develops.


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  1. Now you see why I either end up playing or having something meaningful to post about after TNG… Photos always help me frame what I want to talk about and make things a lot more interesting for visitors than just having to read my boring old musings.

    That’s the other thing with TNG though, sometimes there’s *tonnes* going on and you struggle to take it all in, other times everyone’s playing WM/Hordes and/or WH40K/WHFB and there’s not much to say…

  2. Anima Tactics went down well, Very fast game once we got the hang of the rules. As usual we missed a few bits and bobs out but nothing major as the rules are pretty simple. Tactically it looks very interesting as the characters all have a lot of interesting abilities.

    Bushido didn’t happen in the end, mainly I think because I need to produce a better playsheet for the models. Even printed out on A4 paper, the text was still too small to comfortably read so i’m gonna work on getting that better next weekend if I have time.

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