Club Night @4tkgaming 19/7/11

This is the first Wednesday post about what went on at the club on Tuesday and will, hopefully, become a regular update.

Last night saw some Secrets of the Third Reich going on with new players being shown the ropes. I heard that the American player had a hard time putting down the Soviet zombie horde.

Plenty of Warmachine/Hordes was in play with three tables worth of games on the go at any one point. There doesn’t seem to be one faction that dominates in the club. Cryx seems to get slightly more love than most but it depends on who is down.

Finally there was Infinity. I had one game against Dave where we decided to just use a TAG and one other mini at 200pts. My Marut and a boarding shotgun toting Achilles against the Caskuda and a Charontid. Achilles ended up getting hit by E/M which wasn’t good in a game with no engineers but thankfully the Marut saved the day with some lucky BS rolls.

After that there was another ALEPH vs CA game with Jay’s Achilles/Myrmidon/Dasyu list against 200pts of CA which went ALEPHs way.

Finally we had a go on the club 40k City board using 250pt Yu Jing vs Nomads and I got hit bad. The bike troops that YJ have wiped out one side of the board with some excellent BS rolls from their Spitfires. My Chimera earned her points back – just need to learn how to use her properly. The game was won by Yu Jing in the end. It may have been close but it was always in their court.

A good night all in all, here’s hoping for more of the same next week.


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